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Modification to Fishing Waters for the Tournament


We have received some questions concerning the water level of the Ouachita River and its affect on the Ronald McDonald House Big Bass Tournament.

The Big Bass Tournament Committee has checked the access to the Ouachita River using the Public Boat Ramps. Some ramps will be open; however, we do not feel that enough ramps will be open to allow easy access, for a lot of Anglers, to the Ouachita River.

With this in mind, the Committee has made the following changes:

Lazarre Park Registration, Tournament and weigh-in location has been moved to Ike Hamilton Expo Center in West Monroe. Lazarre Park is closed and will not be accessible by vehicle. All festivities normally conducted at Lazarre Park will be conducted at Ike Hamilton Expo Center.

Crosett Harbor Remote Weigh-In Station will be open close to the entrance road. Crosett Harbor Pavilion is under water; however, we will continue to have the Felsenthal Remote Weigh-In close to the entrance road at Crosett Harbor. All fish caught in Felsenthal must be taken to the Crosett Harbor Weigh-in location.

NEW FISHING WATERS AT LAKE D'ARBONNE FOR THIS YEAR'S TOURNAMENT. Due to limited access to the Ouachita River, the Committee has decided to allow fishing on Lake D'Arbonne. The Remote Weigh-In location will be at D'Arbonne Pointe located at 147 Old Hwy 15, Farmerville, LA 71241. The same rules, that apply to fishing in Felsenthal and the Remote Weigh-In location at Crosett Harbor, will apply to fishing in Lake D'Arbonne and the Remote Weigh-In location at D'Arbonne Pointe.

If you have any questions regarding the changes, please contact us and we will try and answer your questions as soon as possible.

Thanks for your understanding and continued support. We hope these changes will improve your tournament experience. We hope to see you at the Ronald McDonald House Big Bass Tournament

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JUNE 2019 8-9